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250,000 years ago, a cataclysm like no other befell the world. Tiamat came forth from humanity and made war with the armies of man. Backed by an endless legion of automatons, and wielding absolute power, the dragon left mankind's most powerful armies twisted and burning at its feet. With casualties in the billions, and their world in flaming ruin around them, humanity turned to the heavens, and cried to God for help.

The gods answered, parting the clouds of smoldering ash as they descended from the heavens. In the clash against Tiamat the world shook and burned, leaving it forever changed. Tiamat left to tend to its wounds, giving the world time to heal. In the dragon's absence, green returns to the blue world, and a new world, an animal world rises to replace the one humanity failed to save. Once again the sun shines through ash free skies, and water flows free of blood. But, it is this return of vitality that once again draws Tiamat to the world. The return of the dragon is at hand.