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The Emblem of The Salvatican Royal Guard is a badge of absolute authority in Salvatica, their power and influence second only to the royal family. And the symbol of that power is the image of Lady Vixal. She served as the first Captain of The Guard, but going back, her origins are less than illustrious. She was artifically created by Felonian geneticists looking to explore the Sagely properties of the Felonian species known as the multi-tails. The multi-tails is a new species originating on the Felonian continent that shows feline and canine attributes, as well as great intelligence, though incapable of speech. But the most fascinating aspect of the species is that they all show signs of Sagedom. The Tax Federation paid researchers handsome salaries to unlock the secrets of this species, and Lady Vixal was the result of one such expirement. She's a hybrid, crossing Vulpine and Multine genes in an atempt to create an ultimate sage to serve as a weapon against The Oniwaban during the Felonian civil war. She spent the first five years of her life in an isolation tank, only to ultimately be deemed a failure. As a result, she spent the next ten years in a monitoring bubble. But the lab where she resided was high on Exeters list of targets during the salvatican revolution he led against the Felonian oppresors. His forces managed to put an end to the research facility, and Vixal was freed. But she was weak, barely able to walk on her own, and terrified of the outside world. Exeter's men suggested a mercy killing, but Exeter himself took great pity on her, and said he would take her care upon himself. Though her Felonian creators never allowed her out of her isolation tank or monitoring bubble, Vixal was given a formal education, and she kept Exeter, who had been a mere field slave, dazzled with her stories of Felonian science. As the revolution progressed, she quickly overcame her inability, and joined Exeter's forces on the battlefield. She finally showed her sagely power, and was constantly grew stronger. And as her strength grew, so did her number of tails. By the end of the conflict, there wasn't a single weapon in The Felonian arsenal that could withstand her power, and she had grown a collection of nine tails. It's no small exaggeration that her power played not only a major role in Exeters surviving the war, but also in its outcome. And by the end of the war, Exeter and Vixal were madly in love. But the people of Salvatica feared Vixals power and saw her as little more than an odd Felonian creation. Though Exeter was loved by all of Salvatica, he was the only one in Salvatica who loved Vixal, and the two were gradually forced apart by the growing powers in the country who sought to place themselves behind the throne of Exeter The Monarch. Devastated at the loss of the only person of any importance in her life, Vixal accepted the title of Lady, and vanished into the shadows of The Royal Guards court, never to see or be seen by Exeter again. Though she was The Captain of The Royal Guard, it was in name only. The Sages under her command were little more than jailers, present to ensure that she doesn't leave her eleborate confinement. Much to her dismay, Vixal never showed any signs of aging, and outlived not only Exeter, but his descendents, Devon, and Cornwall as well. The Royal Guard stated that Lady Vixal was finally killed in The Felonian nuclear attack on the country. With the age of Vixal over, a new day came in The Royal Guard, and with the help of Parmelia; Queen Matriarch, they gained great power in the country. Power that hasn't been threatened until Advisor Noric and his Sage Corps appears.