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For six generations The Salvatican Royal Family has reigned as the most powerful force in the western world, their legacy one of divinity. They rose to power almost overnight following The Salvatican Revolution, who's central figure was Exeter. Though many people were critical to the revolutions success, there was a well planned and concentrated effort by many of the existing factions in Salvatica to focus public attention on Exeter's efforts, portraying him as a divine savior. This led to an almost overwhelming cry before the war was even decided that Exeter be made king at its conclusion. And so it came to pass, but many of the decadent factions responsible for creating the furor that led to Exeters placement as King Monarch The 1st were left displeased at Exeters refusal to serve as their puppet. The new King had to advance carefully. His greatest supporters were also his greatest potential enemies, and so was born a delicate power struggle between the Royal Family, and those of Title and Nobility. It's a dance that continues to the days of Durval; King Monarch The VI, when The Black Paw add a new dimension of danger to the equation for The Royal Family.