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Founded & led by the Salvatican known as Shriker, and The Aquammal named Selkie, The Black Paw seeks to assassinate King Monarch, A power hungry ruler seen as god by the people of Salvatica. For this purpose, the two recruit a number of fighters from a variety of lands and lifestyles, and train many of them in the mystic arts of sages. Powerful vehicles such as the tank like APC 'Black Claw' and the Sky Battleship 'Black Wing' are donated to The Black Paw by Sympathizers from the technologically advanced nation of Felonia. To crew The Black Wing, The Black Paw turn to oppressed and persecuted rodents they've saved from certain death at the swords of Monarchs minions. Despite their Sages, powerful war machines, and crew of loyalists, The Black Paw face an uphill battle against not only Monarch, but the all consuming force that brought the age of humanity to an end... The emergent one, Tiamat.