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250,000 years after Tiamat brought the age of man to a fiery end, the world is a very different place. Granted the traits of humanity by the gods, mammals, birds, and sharks have filled the void left by Earths former masters. Much like the former dominant species, the animals of the world of tomorrow have allowed their differences, both real and imagined, to divide them.

The nation of Felonia is the worlds most technologically advanced country, and also its largest. Its territory encompasses what was known as Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia during the age of man. Felonia's governed by mammals, Felines in particular. The ancestors of the domestic cat, these felines have forced the extinction or decline of most species that survived the mass extinctions that accompanied the fall of mankind.

Felonia instigated this future worlds first, and only, world war, and also experienced the worlds most brutal civil war, a conflict that lasted hundreds of years and saw the ruination of Felonias ecosystems and the deaths of most of its population. It was during this civil war that Felonia sent research teams away from it all, to the distant land of Salvatica, that they may develop weapons to turn the tide in peace, away from the carnage of the seemingly unending conflict. The nation of Salvatica stands where The Americas rested during the age of mankind. The arriving Felonian research teams enslaved The Salvatican populace for use as either manual labor in the construction of weapons of war, or to be used as living test subjects for Felonian biological and chemical weapons.

A lone wolf named Exeter eventually came forth to stand against these invaders, and went on to lead a successful revolution. From then on, the people of Salvatica came to see Exeter as God, both due to his accomplishments, and due to the propaganda campaign launched by his supporters during and after the war. A canine, a wolf, Exeter has become the Salvatican ideal of perfection, and so the canine populace looks upon it's non canid brethren with ever growing disdain and contempt. Salvatica harbors a particular hatred for Felonians.

Amongst all this bad blood, the sharks, a roving mass of pillaging teeth and blades brought together under the banner of 'The Pirates Den' plague all, especially the Aquammals whom they share the seas with.

Above it all, the land of Altion is a city in the skies, and home to the majority of the world's birds. Feathered eyes in the sky, The people of Altion serve as messengers and delivery for Salvatica, Aqualis, and The Pirates Den. All the world's checks and balances, conflicts and treaties, hopes and dreams are now to be challenged as never before, as Tiamat, the dragon returns, and resumes it's quest to slay destiny. Stopping it, the task too difficult for mankind, must now be achieved by the animals...

Though mammals, sharks, and birds have gained human like intelligence and form, reptiles, and insects also play a significant role in the world of tomorrow. Their roles in the worlds ecosystems have largely reversed, and pint sized reptiles now tend plants and soil as insects once did, while the exo-skeletoned mainstays that are insects have taken on a much larger role as predators. In Salvatica in particular, the threat of insect predators is a very real danger. The future world is home to a myriad of old and new creatures of all shapes and sizes.